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Abdel-Latif Al-Baghdadi, a physician/scholar from Baghdad who was in Egypt between 1194 to 1200 AD, tells of people who habitually ate human flesh; parents even ate their own children.

Graves were ransacked for food, assassinations and robbery reigned unchecked and noblewomen implored to be bought as slaves.

Each slab depicts a seated person directing a pointed instrument to the throat or chest of another person who is kneeling backwards with his arms tied behind his back.

In the case of King Aha, his tomb was looted in antiquity, but the bones scattered around the burial pits were all of young men and women aged 20-25 years old.Some early dynastic depictions of sacrifices have been found, showing a man holding a bowl, possibly using it to catch the blood of a victim who is seated in front of him.The man and the victim are normally before either gods or men of power, making it seem as if these scenes are of human sacrifices.This would indicate that they probably did not die from natural causes, but were selected for burial with Aha.The burial pits once held copper tools, stone vessels and ivory carvings, and some even had the name of the occupant inscribed on limestone stela.

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